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Гидравлическая подъемная платф

Поворотный стол для поворота автомобиля

Параметры продукта>

Рабочая высота 0
Высота платформы 0
Макс.грузоподъемность 25T
Размер платформы
Габаритная длина
Габаритная ширина
Сложенная высота

Введение продукта>

The platform is made of steel.
The coating is done with paint for indoor or galvanizing for outdoor .
65 ft. diameter for a truck not exceeding 61.5 ft. (the wheels of the truck hold on the platform).
Weight of the platform: 25 tons.
Maximum weight of the truck: 80 tons.
Duration of the rotation: 30 seconds for a u-turn.
The top is a12mm anti-skid sheet. We can also offer bitumen mat or other coating upon client’s request.
The platform will be splitted into components
4 engines draw the rotation of the platform.
The engines spin with the platform.
The engines are equipped with runners that spin on the tread and draw the platform.
Unique feature: the engine system contains a calculator that can set the start, the speed and the shutdown of the platform, regardless the weight of the truck. 

To avoid unloading docks. The truck floor is lowered to the ground level.
Advantages :
- Operating time decreased
- Manoeuvring secured.
- 1 to 20 docks
Characteristics :
Rotation type : 360°.
rotation time : 30 seconds for a U-turn.
Truck lenght : 17 meters.
Permissible load : 50 tons.

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