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Гидравлическая подъемная платф

Промышленная поворотная платформа

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Рабочая высота 1.5m
Высота платформы 1.5m
Макс.грузоподъемность 500kg
Размер платформы
Габаритная длина
Габаритная ширина
Сложенная высота

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Industrial Turntables
Railway turntable is used for changing direction of platform wagon in the factory. It can be stop exactly at 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees etc. It is a good way to transport materials or goods in the workshop and save a lot of time during manufacture. GRADIN own Pin-Gear Drive is a supper solution for such turntables.
5.3-meter railway turntable with 60 tons load capability
3.96-meter railway turntable
Positional Turntable is popular used on automatic production line. The turntable could be rotated by setting speed, setting direction, setting angle and stopped at special position. It can save a lot space in workshop and improve production efficiency. The adjacent equipment or person can stay at one place to finish 8 or more different jobs. In the bearing center, we can provide air, electrical and water switch to supply station's request.
7.5-meter positioning turntable with 8 stations
10-meter positioning turntable with 10 stations

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